BEWARE!   Here is a BAD way of integrating with
OEM Immobilizer System.

In this installation some installer had asked the customer for a spare key to be used in the installation of a remote start system. Then, instead of using a universal bypass kit to securely house this key and remotely transmit its code to the key barrel, this person had cable tied the key to the ignition cylinder.

This has effectively "killed" the factory immobilizer, anti-theft system and compromized the security of this vehicle. It may also have had an effect on the new vehicle factory warranty and the auto insurance policy premium, since insurance premium is based on the fact that this vehicle has a functional OEM immobilizer as standard equipment.

Unfortunately the customer had no idea what has happened until the dealership had to program additional keys and ran into a problem.

This case says a lot about the reputation of the installer and the type of workmanship they sell. Beware.

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